Honda CA100 Restoration and/or Restomod?

Picked up this CA100 in Bellingham and will be getting it into running condition before delving deeper into the restorative process. I am also considering swapping some newer components in to keep up better with traffic. Looking for a few opinions and affirmations about the below.

The paint and chrome is riddled with rust spots and pockmarks which I have done my best to buff out. Is it worth fine buffing and touch up painting with the same paint code or just wax and leave as is?

Kickstart spindle is sheared, NOS on order. Before delving into the engine, can I push start this bike? I'll clean up the carb and I've got a new plug/oil to put in before my first attempt.

I'd love to retain the original parts, but a few sensible upgrades wouldn't be off the table as long as I can easily revert everything back to stock.


Re: Honda CA100 Restoration and/or Restomod?

wow great score! the white ones seem to be much less common but maybe thats me.

You can totally just pushstart it. My kickstart wasnt broken and I still found it easier to just push start most of the time. in fact always, I almost never used the kickstart.

I can't comment at all on the paint, I've never worried about it - that's entirely personal preference but I much prefer not going much beyond a wipedown.

the other easy thing to do at this point is gap the valves, it's ridiculously easy, there's a cap for each, just need a 9mm wrench and something (even a small adjustable wrench) to turn the tappets and of course the feeler guages but it's easy and pretty likely to be worth doing. I'd also clean and gap the ignition points

good luck! cool bike

Re: Honda CA100 Restoration and/or Restomod?

if you wanna get more power out of it id suggest engine swapping it to a pit bike style 125 or even a 150.

should require little to no modification to do (possibly some very light sanding to make the bigger motor clear), you gain 1-2 more gears and a lot more displacement, also a real mans clutch!

I swapped a 125 in my 1968 mini trail 50 and it hauled!

but take some measurements of the old motor and see if its the same as those pit bike motors, should be. (edited)

Re: Honda CA100 Restoration and/or Restomod?

Lifans don't swap into these frames. The cases are totally different.

That being said, these bikes are super fun. Throw a new condenser in it, clean everything, set timing, lube the points, gap the valves, and ride the piss out of it.

Re: Honda CA100 Restoration and/or Restomod?

I believe the white ones were the first to come into the US. That is at-least what I heard.

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