91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

I am new to the moped world. I recently acquired a 91 suzuki shuttle fa50. I was riding it the other day and it ran well for about 10 minutes....you saw on the speedometer the speed go down substantially..than all of a sudden dies...i started it back up and it ran a little bit then all of a sudden while holding throttle open..it dies again...it will start up but wont even give enough juice to turn the tire....i have cleaned the carb...and i have put new air filter on it....i changed the spark plug...i dont know what else the problem could be...i noticed there is no petcock on the bike...but i placed a shut off valve when i got the bike m ..please if anyone has info..please help...thank you

Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Sounds like you seized it . Pull the top end off and post pics of the cylinder and the piston .

What oil are you running in the injection or premix ratio ?

Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

This is what it looks like inside..i took the head off...fairly easy...now if it was seized would it kick over when i move the kick starter??...cause it moves easily when i push the kick starter...


Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Carboned piston top .

Next , pull the cylinder .

We need to see the piston skirts and the lower part of the cylinder .

Loosen the muffler mount bolt and then remove the mount bolts to the cylinder .

Reverse , when putting it back together .

You should remove the carbon from the piston ... ;)

Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Yea..its all black in there...when i put in new spark plug...ran one time n took it out and it was carboned...whats that mean?

Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Ok i see a lot of sludge inside it behind the cylinder


Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Nothing seems to be wrong with it other than it being dirty as hell


Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

It soft seized .

I'd take any high spots off the piston skirts and lightly sand the cylinder to rid it of any aluminum deposits .

Clean the exhaust port .

Clean as much of that crud in the crank case out as possible . It should be real close to spotless .

Put it back together .

The muffler could likely use a clean-out. Remove the muffler . Fill it with oven cleaner and let it sit for a while . Rinse it out with a garden hose . Repeat and it should be good enough . You should be able to run a stiff wire ( maybe a straightened wire coat hanger ) through the tail piece , all the way to the front of the muffler can .

Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Ok i cleaned it and put it all together...and it started up after a few kicks...now its smoking like crazy...why is that? And how do i fix that?

Re: 91' Suzuki shuttle fa50

Likely just too much oil or other residues that are getting burned off . Just run it for a while and see if it clears .

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