NC50 spring question/struggle

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I purchased an unfortunate money-pit of a Honda Express last fall. The previous owner attempted to convert the transmission to a kick start and damaged the interior of the transmission case pretty beautifully. It's been my goal to get her up and running so most of the wiring/internal parts have been replaced (pretty must just short of doing an engine rebuild, honestly).

The flywheel seems to be in good shape and so does the bottom end from what I can tell after taking off the cylinder, SO I'm putting off cracking the case if I can.

I've purchased everything detailed from the shop manual and reassembled the trans case to the best of my ability but I'm having a consistent problem I don't know how to solve. Once I get the case screwed back on, finish winding the spring, and then release it using the brake lever, the internal kickstart return spring bends out of position and ceases to work (picture of spring attached). I've gone through three of these bastards and continuously have this issue. I've followed forum suggestions to a T and am left just scratching my head. Has anyone successfully re-assembled an NC50 and can offer some insight I'm clearly missing here? I've come so far, I don't want to abandon the rework, but am ten seconds away from going for the kickstart conversion.


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It hooks to the starter pedal shaft and case cover, not the gear

Re: NC50 spring question/struggle

thanks so much for answering!

you're totally right. i used the wrong term in my post.

Here's where I have it in my case:


Re: NC50 spring question/struggle

It goes between the gear and cover. (edited)

Re: NC50 spring question/struggle

The service manual does NOT show all of the parts, therefore you will have to use the parts diagrams to figure everything out. Been there done that.


Re: NC50 spring question/struggle

That's a much better image than the one I posted, but that's exactly where I've got it.

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The first time I took one apart I had the same issue as I recall. That was a few years back. It had something to do with me having it flipped over or attached wrong. Thats all I remember. Fortunately I caught it it before I deformed the spring. (edited)

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Ah! That's still very helpful. I'll see about flipping it around today. Thanks so much for your help! It's causing the spring (labeled number 8 in the diagram) to also come unseated, which I'm worried about getting deformed, too.

Re: NC50 spring question/struggle

My spring broke about 2 weeks ago. Is the spring & side cover gasket available? Is so do you know where I can get one. Thanks

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