Headlights not working

Hi, I have a benelli k2, the head light, and front indicators are not working, but rear light works but is very dim, and rear indicators work fine, headlight comes on if im going about 10, 15mph

Any help will be great

Re: Headlights not working

Sounds like the system is working , just not as good as it should .

First , check every connection . All , including all ground points , need to be shiny clean and scratch tight .

Then , try adjusting the lighting coils in the magneto outward , so they are the thickness of the side of a plastic milk bottle away from the flywheel magnets .

If that doesn't do it , you may want to try new lighting coils .

Re: Headlights not working

Thansk for the reply, will try when It when I'm home

Re: Headlights not working

FWIW, it looks like you have a scooter, not a moped. This sounds like a pretty simple problem, but if you need advice specific to your model you'll have better luck on a site or group that focuses on scooters.

PD's advice is good. A simple multimeter in continuity mode will help you check your wiring. Since you have a modern scooter there's *probably* a voltage regulator somewhere in the system that you should check as well.

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