1985 Suzuki FA50 Hardwire Just to Have Engine Run

Hello, New to the forum.

I have a 1985 Suzuki FA50 that I was given. Overall its a beater but workable.

I plan to just strip it down to just everything needed to make it drive and stop, as its going to be a gift to my 10year old son.

I've torn the engine down and inspected all the internals and everything looks good.

The issue I'm having is that the noped had the ignition coil and PDI/CDI removed before I got it. I've also tested the rectifier, by testing continuity with a multimeter and that appears to be bad as well.

Id like to just buy an after market, complete ignition system, for the bike that will let it run with out the need for a battery.

I've seen kits on Amazon but am unsure what I would need and which one would work on the FA50. I'm looking for a cheap option. Its just going to be my sons first motor bike.

Can you guys point me in the right direction?

Thank You

Re: 1985 Suzuki FA50 Hardwire Just to Have Engine Run

Parts diagrams and source :


Owners Manual :


Service manual :


You'll want those^ .

Wiring diagram and anything else you'll need to know for that bike .

Adjust everything to factory specs . Air filter assembly required . (edited)

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