Carb Problems Tomos A55

Replaced the carb on my Streetmate R in early March, and at first it wouldn't idle. Now it won't idle or drive. Tried adjusting the idle screw but it would only idle for 20 seconds.

Only mod is a Bi-turbo exhaust (it was already on there when i bought the bike.) No mods to carb, stock jets and air filter. I think two things might be wrong, First is the fuel filter I'm using. its not the stock one, but I still have the stock one. Or the POS stock air filter. Unlikely since it doesn't idle either way.

This carb is a brand new Dellorto PHVA 14, not a clone or other brand carb. Any help is appreciated

Re: Carb Problems Tomos A55

Sounds like your petcock needs attention.

Re: Carb Problems Tomos A55

Thanks for the advice, it did have a lot of carbon buildup. I cleaned it and it was still failing to idle. So, i adjusted my throttle and idle screw and it was finally idling again. Probably was an issue, but not the only issue. But I'm glad i cleaned it anyway.

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