Suzuki Fa50 ignition help

Cayden McLaughlin /

I have a 1985 Suzuki fa50 and it did not come with any keys. I have looked for new ignitions that come with keys and the only one that I have found that looks remotely similar is for a Honda express. Does anyone have a good source on finding the Suzuki ignition? Or will the Honda express ignition work?

Re: Suzuki Fa50 ignition help

Go to ebay and check the add for the guy that makes keys from tge number in your igniton...he has made me a few and has always done a good job.has been awhiie so i don't have his info handy..

Re: Suzuki Fa50 ignition help

ILCO CORP #X84-HD74 Honda Motorcy Key Blank

That^ fits .

I tore my FA50 ignition lock apart . Switched or removed tumblers and made an old Honda key work that I had from a previous bike .

Been doing fine for about 11 years . ;)

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