Puch Newport rewire

Jack Masterson /

Have a e50 with the 6wire setup but the wiring was all messed up when I got it. I've seen a lot of diagrams but nothing that lines up quite right. I have all the wires out of the stator and all stock head/tail lights, horn, speedometer, etc. which I would like to get working. My light switch is confusing me though, from my picture, yellow is going to stator yellow and gray is going to the horn/blueblack. Should I add another wire based on the diagram to connect Lo to the headlight? Also where does it hook up to the rear light?


Re: Puch Newport rewire

The yellow is your light. Yes I't does go to the coil. No you do not need to add another wire to your switch.

Re: Puch Newport rewire

If you're doing wiring without a multimeter I highly highly highly recommend buying a cheap one off Amazon. Then you could tell definitively what terminals on the switch are connected when the lights are set to on, the horn button is pressed, etc.

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