How to adjust timing on Yamaha QT50 running in reverse

Donald Little /

I have I believe a 1979 Yamaha QT50.I lost the spark so replaced the stator.It ran after the install but in reverse.No way to set the timing on the QT50 so here is what I did after reading about this idea.I put a timing light on it while running in reverse and it was firing just a bit BTDC.So I drilled out the 3 rivets that holds the centre in the flywheel.Since it was firing BTC in reverse I turned the centre of the hub 120 degree's counter clockwise(looking from the outer face of the flywheel) to the next rivet hole.This set the timing to BTDC when rotating in the clockwise rotation of the flywheel which makes the back wheel go forward.Used 3 bolts to mount the centre piece to the flywheel in place of rivets.On the first kick of the kickstart it fired up and ran exellent.Read on other sites of the reverse problems and there never any help for them.Hope this helps someone some day.Thanks to the guy that did this first and gave me my answer to this problem.

Re: How to adjust timing on Yamaha QT50 running in reverse

cool deal!

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