79 moby

anyone know or where I can get the clutch side Crank grease fitting for my 79 moby BETTER YET WHAT SIZE the grease fitting is (edited)

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Not sure if they can be bought new anymore, but try the buy/sell forum here, and or DOS cycles.

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Are you sure you need a fitting and not just the special tip for your grease gun?

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Figured it out..took the grease fitting off and injected it....replaced the tiny fitting back .

Also took care of a minor air leak and readjusted the timing was off about it 2mm.

This Moby moped is finicky

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> Steven Davis Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Are you sure you need a fitting and not just the special tip for your

> grease gun?

How did you know the op was confused?

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He can smell a rookie a mile away.


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The crazy OEM "grease fitting" on that shaft doesn't look much like a zerk, but can be confused with a busted off zerk. Just passing along what I learned from the best (Rebel Moby) and confirmed that the weird flat thing in there is a fitting that requires a strange rubber nosed gadget on the grease gun. But I guess you guys knew all that, so....

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Pushrod Fifty /

It takes an adapter that has a mini nozzle that fits onto the end of a regular grease gun. Avail at NAPA.

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Re: 79 moby

^ That looks like it would work, since we are talking about this, I have what I was told is an original factory Motobecane grease gun, I believe this to be true as I remember going to the dealership when I was 15 and having my bike greased, and it looks the same, I digress, being ancient, the grease inside has degraded, any idea of what kind to replace it with and how to get all the old stuff out? I was thinking to use a screwdriver to scrape out the majority and then soak the whole gun in Kerosene or Gasoline to dissolve the rest, seems messy and will leave a toxic mess, any better idea's? Thanks in advance, I can snap a pic if it would help to see the gun in question.

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Steve an suggestions on gasket for the base of the cylinder

I been dicking around with this moby and a couple of days ago I noticed loss of power.

today I decided to spray some brake cleaner and found out I have a pretty good air leak at the cylinder and case connection .{yes I tightened down head bolts a bit}

was thinking makeing my own gasket out of cork material what do you think?

I realize thickness in new gasket would cause a lower compression but I dont think it would make that much of a difference . Maybe doubling up the paper factory gasket?

looking for some thoughts before getting totaly discouraged with this toy

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I'm not 'Steve' .

Just cut a base gasket out of a cereal box .

Cork can separate when squeezed .

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