2 cycle oil

What is the best oil to use to mix with my gas for my 1979 motobecane

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Probably Fred /

It’s the best multi-purpose, multi-use oil if you could find it


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^^That's right, you'll be able to go places you never dreamed possible.

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Anything works 2t oil wise. If you have a stock bike just grab the stuff from your local hardware store. If you are racing/high RPMs then maybe get special racing stuff like motul or klotz or the other 100 "racing" oils.

Honestly I dont think there is anything wrong with oils made for chainsaws and blowers. If you think about it you run those at really high rpms for extended periods of time and they never seize. No huge heads or air blown by at 35+ mph for cooling either. Maybe they leave more carbon buildup behind, maybe not. Whatever, just mix it right and you are good.

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I know I posted this link before when I stumbled onto the pdf. JASO is the Japanese 2T oil rating system. If your oil isn’t “FD” rated by JASO, it isn’t the best.

But, it’s just mopeds.

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Jack Rutherford /

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I have rarely if ever seen a moped where it's weakest link was the choice of oil.

What I mean is, unless you've got a really almost impossibly perfected setup, the choice of oil isnt gonna be what kills you.

I liked that guys video on ethanol too.

But in the end, it's all stuff we know just testing the most extreme cases to see if you can force it to matter. but day to day, nah - doesnt really matter. better is better but good enough is still totally good enough

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My Moby's like castrol 2t at 32:1.

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I like the list I found (and linked) because it gives some guidance on what is worth paying $$ for.

Most of us do not need super high performance stuff. But, it only makes sense to buy the best thing you can get easily and not pay too much.

The exotic racing brand stuff is apprently no better than the full synthetic Echo weedeater oil from your local hardware store.

I haven’t had the pleasure, yet, of using a moped as a daily driver. I want to in NM. When that happens, stuff like: which oil has the least build up on the piston, or crudding up exhaust, etc. That will matter most since leaving the engine put together for the longest intervals will be nice.

And that ^ sort of information can only really be learned from experience. Every fuel ratio, compression, timing, combustion chamber, what have you... It all changes how carbon deposits.

All oils lubricate. Some leave a mess. Some keep it clean.

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Yea i guess what I mean is I've never had a bike so reliable that buildup of carbon became a problem.

I've definitely had bikes that were all kinda coked up from thousands of miles by prior owners and stuff, but who knows what they were using or at what ratios.

There was another nice comparison on some scooter page.

I personally usually use cheap synthetic bought in bulk to stash at home but if I'm out and a gas station has some itasca or whatever, not worth worrying about at all. Like I also have some of that supertech from teh video (doesnt even make the JSO list)

The only thing I think that really matters is if you've got an oil injector make sure you're using injector oils cuz the fancy high end synthetics are too viscous for most auto oil pumps. It will probably still work but not right

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I have been running Lucas semi Synthetic 2T oil for years without any problems in both my '84 Suzuki FA50 injection and my '57 Simplex Automatic premix .

It's not the cheapest or the most expensive , just good stuff and easily available a lot of oil counters . ;)

Cheap Walmart Super Tech gets an Honorable Mention on this site :


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