LF a shop in/near philly

dont have the time or space to wrench right now but i miss my baby.

none of the spots I've tried have gotten back to me and i know honest bobs has been down for a few years

really just lookin for someone i can take my motomarina sebring in for diag/repairs. runs fine but def need electronics work, engines prolly never been cleaned out so that would be nice too.

minarelli v1

lemme know if you guys have any recommendations


Re: LF a shop in/near philly

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

My best recommendation is that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

that doesn't help me at all, terrible recommendation, 1/5 stars

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

You want the engine cleaned out? That sounds like something a shady shop would make up and charge you for lol

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

yeah i guess i phrased it wrong.

more like cleaned up. im assuming it could benefit from some new gaskets and basically someone giving it the attention i don't have the tools, knowledge, time or space for right now. hence why id like to find a shop i could support...

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

Also invest in someone to follow you around in a chase vehicle so when you brake down on the side of the road while out for a ride, you will have someone to give you and your bike a ride home.

Maybe also sell your moped and grab a 4t scoot. They hardly ever brake down on ya, where a moped will die on your ride about 60% of the time. And about 90% of those times can be fixed on the side of the road if you bother to get some tools and some knowledge.

This hobby isn't for the faint of heart.

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

Trust me, it's worth a drive across the PA Turnpike to Valley Vintage Motorworks

in Monaca, PA (Pittsburgh). They are great to work with. Owned by two brothers who are huge moped enthusiasts. (edited)

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

thank you so much.

first useful, not-condescending response, i almost gave up hope

i had seen them online and was considering it as an option its just a 5 hour drive from me so i wasn't sure if it would be worth it. Having somebody vouch for them has convinced me.

its worth it imo to finally get my baby the help she needs.

really appreciate it. i'll try and remember to post an update.

Re: LF a shop in/near philly

Brotha, not trying to be condescending. Mopeds like to just take a dump in the middle of a ride.


It would be in one's best interest to learn as much about their moped so that it wont leave you stranded. They are ridiculously easy to work on, and I have worked on them in an apartment and on balconies/patios.

Just trying to nudge a little encouragement your way. We are here to help with any question or issues you may run into.

Good luck.

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