Tomos targa lx 1996 shuts off if stopped

Hi I recently just purchased a 1996 targa lx which had been fixed up.. and I’ve been noticing that it’s really hard to get it to turn over by kickstarting it. Takes me a good while before it actually cuts on. Also noticing when I stop the engine also wants to shut off too unless I’m revving it up at a light / keeping the gas going.

I just got it 3 days ago, and never have owned one before so I’m really new to all of this and have no idea what anything is. I just know it doesn’t have a battery but has front lights (LED) and blinkers if that means anything to do with this post.

But I want to make sure it runs super smooth Bc it does get me to work everyday ( which isn’t far only 4 / 5 miles per day) (edited)

Re: Tomos targa lx 1996 shuts off if stopped

Low compression.

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