vespa/piaggio si front variator stuck

luca rosenberg /

tried using a three-arm claw to remove the variator shaft but still seized on and bent the backing plate. even used heat and still no luck. any one have any other suggestions on getting it off


Re: vespa/piaggio si front variator stuck

Dirty30 Dillon /

Dremel down the length of the variator bushing, cold chisel to split it.

At this point your crank is more than likely toast anyways, so even just cutting the crank off with an oscillating cut-off tool would probably be wiser.

Re: vespa/piaggio si front variator stuck

Dang looks bad, try vise grips and banging cw or ccw to lossen it up.

Re: vespa/piaggio si front variator stuck

Dirty30s idea seems like the best and safest option if you plan on using that crank. Just grab a dremel with a cut off wheel and go to town just keep an eye on how far your cutting into it because you dont wanna ruin the crank shaft. I'm sure a like scrape or two wont hurt it but you dont wanna take any material out of it

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