Decompression cabel

My cabel broke on my 79 50v motobecane how do you replace it having trouble getting end out on top of engine any help would be great


Re: Decompression cabel

Just unscrew the bolt and the cable end comes out from under the bracket. You can replace it with a bicycle brake cable if memory serves.

Re: Decompression cabel

The end with the barrel on it just comes out or is there something I need to do

Re: Decompression cabel

If you look at your photo closely you can see the forked clamp being held down by the nut. If I recall correctly you can unscrew it just enough to not disassemble the entire valve sliding the cable out through the fork. If not you'll need to remove the tiny cotter pin.

The cable end is actually stationary, the sheath moves the lever spring down opening the valve when you pull the decomp.

I think I kept the original cable sheath and just inserted a new cable with the clamp on style cable ends.....was at least ten years ago tho

You can see all the parts in this photo in treatland (edited)

Re: Decompression cabel

If the inner cable is broken, why can't you take a super thin blade screwdriver and push the barrel out of that split fork, so you can pass the cable out of the fork? That's how it goes in when installing a new cable. May need to open up that fork a little. Is it that your cable housing is jammed into the circular brace above the fork?

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