Scratched cyclinder

Kalev McCarthy /

Thanks in advance for your input!

Do y’all think that these scratches could be sanded/honed out?

Also, how much will sanding vs not sanding them out affect the performance?


Re: Scratched cyclinder

Kalev McCarthy /

Here’s another picture of the cyclinder.


Re: Scratched cyclinder

If nothing is done , you'll lose compression . I see no cross-hatching .

I'd hone to clean any high spots and create a decent crosshatch .

Then , at least , replace the rings .

Re: Scratched cyclinder

I'd clean it up with a hone and see how bad it looks after that. The scoring above the exhaust port is the only part I'd worry about it but it's hard to tell how deep it is from the photo.

Re: Scratched cyclinder

An iron insert opens possibilities, right?

So, some pistons are a little over sized. You can clean all that up and if the old piston it slapping arojnd in there, get the slightly oversized one to make it all smooth again.

(okay... i had a rough day and now I’m feeling the drink. last post. hope it made sense. love y’all. good night)

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