Morini M01 Porting

I want a little more umph out of my stock M01. Nothing crazy, maybe just a little more all around power and speed up top. I've done searches for porting M01s and found pretty much nothing on the subject. I couldn't even find a portmap. I made one and decided to share though. The numbers are as accurate as I could get them them. (First time doing a portmap myself)

Just curious to what others have done and what results they've had.

All together I'll be running this bike with just a pipe and an upjet. Like I said, nothing crazy.

Re: Morini M01 Porting

there is a port map section in the Wiki, you can upload your port map there.

Re: Morini M01 Porting

It's in the wiki. I think I did it correctly. If not someone else wanna set it straight?

Anybody porting their M01s?

Re: Morini M01 Porting

Bump. I'm investigating this rabbit hole.

Re: Morini M01 Porting

I widened my exhaust about 1.5mm on each side and gave it a liiiiiittle more top. Put the MLM reed block in it and a free flow and upjetted to 64 with an Estoril. Oh but Im on an M1

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