Re: Running bings backwards

> EH FCC of the QCB Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Bumping this for fun. Thinking about doing this on a bike because I

> can’t stand a SHA that vibrates off all the time!

Let me guess, on your garelli right? The front facing carb on my RS will eventually wiggle itself loose. So far it hasnt happen on the side facing one on my SSXL. Damn garellis vibrate so much.

Re: Running bings backwards

Born to be WillD /

ha, thanks!

I sold this bike to Charlie buzzard, it was on my free spirit "cruddley" thing, e50'd been matched to a hero kit, which I didn't have so I mated it up to an a55 cylinder:

It totally worked, we rode it thru the whole Tybee-Savannah rally that year and plenty of other rides. But in the end I'm pretty sure Charlie & Becca just polini'd that bike and she rode it all nice with a real carb...

Re: Running bings backwards

Jay ~ Ha no, but they fall off those bike all the time! I want to put a 17” Bing on a Vouge.

Will I think Stephen buzzard is the caretaker of that bike now. It is still around in good shape.

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