Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Dincus Dunkus Douglas /

Hey guys so I'm trying to get my Starflite fast. He's been reliable stock (with some minor changes), so hopefully i don't make him blast his own head off with all this. I will try and tune it for low end torque cuz city life. I'm not a master clearly so if you can, keep explanations simple for a simple boy.



15.15 Dellorto (jet sizes when i'm actually running it)


I'm hogging out the cage entirely, and putting on carbon fiber reeds. I'm a LITTLE bit worried about having no central support on the reeds and that they'll get sucked in. Anybody have any input here?

~Crankcase Intake

There's almost no material to remove here without blowing through the thin casting (no secret), I don't know if I have capabilities to add aluminum weld to thicken so I can do this. I've accepted it will be as is for now.


~ Motomatic 43.5mm 60CC kit

I think I got the last one from treats LOL. Anyways I've filed down the spacer and the crankcase to make for a smooth transition from the ports of the case to the Motomatic cylinder ports. Looks nice. I still need to figure out what head I should get for this kit, treats just says a matching morini head? I can only find one such as this .


A recommendation from an IDIOT friend of mine (jk dave) is to send this puppy over to Mr. Crankshaft or and have them replace both the roller bearings on the big end and either ream out the brass bushing on the small end or replace it or put in a needle bearing. I'd love some input here on which of those to do for the small end. I know they'll also true it and stuff so that sounds kewl.


I did the typical mod here of replacing the stainless steel ball bearings in the clutch spring. Some people do ball chains or whatever but I went with aluminum balls off of Mcmaster that are the same diameter.


I bought the People's pipe from treats, it's the only exhaust that will mount right onto this kit unless you have an adapter. Pretty self-explanatory.

I think that's it. I am trying to research what I need for the crankshaft job i need done so that's where I'm at. Once I get that back it'll be rebuild time and off we go to the moooooooooonnnn. I'll get pictures or throw this stuff in the wiki when I'm donezo.

Whatcha think whatcha think

Re: Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Post pictures!

Re: Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Quicker and easier would be to get an AV10 crate engine, make some mounts and then you'd have something Variated.

But if you're set on this build, you have a solid plan.

Re: Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Dincus Dunkus Douglas /

I will post pictures, I'll wait till I have both a before and after.

And ya haha tryin to stay loyal to these dutch bastards (sorta).

Re: Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Nick Schreiber /

I've done this same build a couple months ago

Re: Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Nick Schreiber /

For my head I used the stock m48 head and works fine

Re: Batavus M48 Motomatic Kit (and more)

Excited to see how it turns out!

How to? Match transfers/adapter plate and gasket.


Read "puch kit case match" wiki and all related m48 kit posts where these are run successfully.

I feel the point of performance gain is lost if I just slapped this in my bottom end.

Look at my pics and see where I need the thumbs up or down.

What to remove and what to leave.

**The M48 style cut of the adapter and gaskets are easily matched on the case side yet still block a great portion of area on the cylinder side.

**My gut is telling me to match one gasket to Morini transfers as well as match one side of adapter the same careful not to disturb the m48 cut on case side of the adapter.


Additional pics

Here is some skirt/ case transfer overlaps.

Trim skirt flush? Smooth out exposed case area?


See skirt lines up with port edges on cylinder.

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