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I picked up a 77 moby 50v not running. Bought someone's rebuilt motor with some aftermarket stuff. Motor is ported, has a simonini pipe, er2 pulley, gonna run a 15.15 on an mlm 15mm intake. Now, I've never ridden my 50v or a Moby in general, I'm not sure how well it accelerates. I had to buy a new sprocket for the er2, a 13t. I have the choice of a 40t 54t and 56t rear sprocket. I've done some research but I'm not a math wizard, nor am I asking you to calculate for me, I want to know people's experiences. Would running the 13/40 be a bad idea? Feel free to ridicule me as you post a link to a thread I've probably missed.


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Typically on variated bikes you're gonna want to run what seems to be rather low gearing, I'd start at 56 if you're gonna run a stock cylinder. If you go for a 70cc you could get away with 52 or maaaybe 48, but you might be slower in the top end.

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11/54 is what you want,

Did you get it from a guy named Aram?

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11/54 is great for mild setups.

Only do taller gearing if you get a ripper clutch setup.

On my very ported reeded stock cyl I run 11/45 and it's great, but only can do it because it's timed moderately and has a clutch stall right where the power comes on.

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Yes it's Aram's motor. I keep meeting people who know him. I got a few buddies across the river in East Hartford and Manchester and we never run into other riders. I have to run the 13t front sprocket because my original needed new bearings and the er2 is nicer imo, so with the treats sale I got a 13t and new bearings to go with the pulley. Right now I got the 56 on the back wheel. I'm not looking to peel my face off but top speed is always a concern of mine. If you're not first you're last, right?

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I always said I'd rather be ahead . Then , you never have to put up with anyone's crap . ;)

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Go to tool box, select gearing calculator, enter your bike info. 13/56 is going to be pretty close to 11/45.

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13/56 would be ok with an aftermarket vario but its gonna be a bummer with stock.

nice lookin build so far, i dare say i kinda like the TTLX seat

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Yay a calculator for my dumb ass

Thanks duders for all the advice

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I have a bunch of 11t sprockets kicking around if you want one, pm me

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