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If I did run a mk65 it would be with a 19mm phbg and a high flow filter with some type of side bleed or bk100 I have a good bit of knowledge on kitting and tuning but there's always someone who knows something i dont. Ya know?

I've never thought about the e50 route and the za50 I have is solid I've put that thing through its paces its very reliable

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> Jeremy cole Wrote:

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> I have a good bit of knowledge on

> kitting and tuning but there's always someone who knows something i

> dont. Ya know?

no offense but based on the questions you are asking and the parts you want to use, it sounds like you have a ways to go. Some of us that have been in this game a while and built a bunch of these are just trying to keep you from destroying what appears to be a nice bike and save you from some heartbreak.

having a 'pretty solid' stock ZA is one thing but if you want them to survive kit abuse they need to be 110% dialed the fuck right in. And if you don't know what to feel and listen for, they can shred themselves before you know it. i'm talking about things like custom-surface-grinding your countershaft roller bearing retainer washer, shit that goes above and beyond the stock setup.

just based on the few that i have built and put miles on, even a mild 50 mph (polini, bing, circuit) setup requires attention about every 1000 miles whereas my shim check and adjust interval on a similar stock build (45 mph stock ported, proma GP, SHA) was going 4000-5000 miles between shim adjustments. that's to say even a relatively small power gain over 'stock ' is a 5 to 1 increase in upkeep.

the one that i built for a customer that has held up the best long term is treats reed (it was actually a 44 mm alukit tomos before treats reed existed), vm18, tecno estoril. i put 21x36 gears on it and it went 51 with ok acceleration. ran a long time like that until he sold it. stock everything with just the pucks replaced. if you do the math, that thing was barely going over 8000 rpm, it ran like a stock bike just way faster.

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but we can guide you through whatever powerful top in you want to put on that ZA-50 it's just that you need to post the pictures of it when the transmission destroys itself.

I've personally destroyed a za50 in about 20 minutes and it had flipped clutch new pucks and proper shimmy.

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mine did a little bit better... about 2500 miles on this one almost all riding dubs.


to be honest, i knew it had a cracked 1-way and instead of fixing it, i patched it back up, geared it way down, and tried to flat-track race it. this is the only ZA that i've ever blown up like this, and its from intentional abuse, but most people would just keep riding even after it starts shaking and banging

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That oil filler plug is so beautiful Graham

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