What air filter is best?

Hey guys, just happen to need air filters for two of my mopeds right now and just wondered what the difference between the foam filter thingies (like this: https://www.treatland.tv/UNI-air-filter-44mm-seafoam-foam-p/uni-seafoam-filter-u-402.htm ) , the conical, metal screen ones (like these: https://www.treatland.tv/PHVA-air-filter-p/phva-air-filter-angle.htm ), and the other stuff like screens and stockings and other mystical air cleansing devices? I have a dellorto SHA 14.9 on my motto guzzi robin moped. I have access to a 3d printer so I can make adapters and cones and whatever I need.

Thanks Guys!

Re: What air filter is best?

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I don’t like foam filters on most piston port kits because blow by makes the filter wet and water condensation makes it wet and everything sticks to it and restricts flow,

A wet sponge is not good to use as a filter on a piston port engine that really needs no filter to operate correctly/have correct jetting through the range

9mm carb? Why bother changing anything until you change to a bigger carb, exhaust ect.

Re: What air filter is best?

Well here's the situation. I recently bought this Moto Guzzi Robin off a guy for fifty bucks. As of right now its in pretty rough shape and needs allot of stuff to make it rid-able (i.e. seat, cranks, pedals, etc.). Basically I want to clean it up and get it to run stock so I can get an idea of where it is acceleration, top speed, and general performance wise. Eventually I will probably end up doing a new carb and exhaust but for now...

So one other question, you kept mentioning piston port kits. what are they? And is that how a bennelli g2, or any other moped engine would come stock?

Please forgive my ignorance :)

Re: What air filter is best?

Caleb, check your other post.

Re: What air filter is best?


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