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> Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Whats going on here? You say that you have the stock 14/12 jet in your

> 14 phva? That doesnt make sense, the jets are not interchangeable, the

> phva takes 6mm jets, the SHA take 5mm.


> You cannot just slap a 14/12 or 15/15 SHA onto the A55, the intake will

> not accept it. You would need to craft a spigot so the SHA can be held

> by the rubber intake coupler.


> You should thoroughly clean and tune the PHVA 14 you have instead, its a

> fantastic carb. Stock cylinder with the 14phva and the stock unmodified

> airbox and a biturbo should land you around 57-58 main jet. With a

> metal mesh air filter, somewhere around 62-65, no air filter at all

> somewhere around 68 In my experience

sorry, i was saying that I have a 14/12 sha with the stock jet in it.

The bike came with a homemade intake and had a 14/12 sha on it when I bought it, so I bought a new 14/12 sha to get it running.

I didn't even know until just a couple days ago that I have a A55

I was reading about modding the slide on the SHA carbs to help lean out the midrange...which is where mine seems to be sluggish.

If I cover the half the air intake with tape the midrange becomes more sluggish but the top end feels a bit better. So I think it is running a bit rich in the midrange and lean on the top end. I'm hoping to mod the slide and put in a larger jet to get more power.

When I have a day where the weather is good I plan to do some plug chops at half and full throttle to see if my assumptions are true...then mod the slide/change jet size accordingly.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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