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> Aaron Blair Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> jetting affects the amount of fuel metered into the engine while there

> is air flowing through the venturi. the carb leaking after sitting has

> nada to do with jetting, either the float is stuck or the float needle

> isnt sealing. that could also happen from leaving your petcock on after

> parking the bike..tap the bowl with a screwdriver handle and see if the

> leak stopps.


> when you say mid range is slow what exactly do you mean? this is a

> mostly stock moped.... is the bike running smoothly in the mid range?

> breaking up? you should hear a smooth increase in rpm, no choppyness.


> i think your on the right track. im not sure but 72 seems rich to me.

it is a A55 engine, with custom intake, running a SHA carb/cone filter and a biturbo pipe. So kinda a mismatched carb and lightly modded.

The RPMS climb smoothly, no choppiness, but the rpms don't climb as fast as I think they should.

I have 2 tomos bikes right now, this one with A55 and another with basically stock A35 (only mod is a cone filter) The A35 is faster off the line, and pulls ahead by 100-150 feet before the higher speed of my A55 allows it to catch up and then past the A35. The A35 has a top speed of 33-35mph. If I could tune the A55 to have the same performance off the line but keep the 40mph top speed that would be awesome.

I haven't looked to see if the A35 bike just has different gearing. And it is possible that with the SHA carb and custom, longer intake pipe that the A55 will never run as well at lower RPMs as it would if it had the stock PHVA carb and intake.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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