Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed

> Graham Motzing Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> i dunno what it is that holds more

> people back from doing this.

yeah i posted this like 2 weeks ago or whatever and thought to myself 'yah, ya dummy, why not'

then i had to spend 2 weeks thinking hard about how to fit it in there with the bolt holes right on the reed sealing surface

came up with a couple dumb designs and 3d printed one, then thought of the intermediate-plate idea and i think thats the ticket.

a smart man would have just thrown an a35 cylinder on there and been done with it...

Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed

reed it and weep


gonna weld up and tap holes this weekend, chop up a stock cylinder and see if this works perfecto with a polini intake or if i blew it.

nice compact stupid simple solution that should the the jerb done

Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed


Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed

you could probably burn out that aluminum head and brush it maybe?

Anyone ever use these? Or is that what you are using?

They're like dirt cheap and made for Chinese bike motors, some are already made to be 15 and fit a SHA anyway.

Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed

I have thought about buying one for years and never did it.....

Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed

any info on these? Just bought one to add to a ported stock 50cc cylinder. Anyone know how big to make the window in the piston, or if i need to make the intake port larger? Matching it up with a 14mm bing and polini reeds.

Re: Derbi pp to cyl reed

I've never seen those but I will be buying if I need to do this again. So much easier to mount.

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