Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

Looking for the best pipe for top end speed. I have done some reading on the Motomatic N8P but can't find one right now.

I have a 77 Garelli SSXL stock. Right now she's topping out at 26 mph.. she gets there quick enough but my friends are riding circles around me and I wont stand for it!!

Any recommendations - particularly for the Garelli NOI engine.


Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

26 is pretty slow. is it a yellow dot?

I would mess with the air filter configuration a bit to make sure you're not missing out on some speed already.

This is the only pipe that pretty much bolts on. You will probably need a longer engine mount bolt and may need to open the hole on the pipe just a hair. It's a pretty good pipe though.

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

I know 26 seems pretty slow but I just figured thats what it was rated for?? What do you mean by yellow dot?

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

> Aaron Turek Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> What do you mean by yellow dot?

from the wiki:

Garelli sold bikes with NOI style engines with 17, 20, 25, and 30mph top speed ratings. These different speeds were accomplished through a variety of means, including cylinder port area, head design, intake variance, various carbs and jettings, gearing, spark plug type, exhaust header diameter and shape, muffler restriction, and piston crown shape.

The cylinder generally seen on a NOI style engine is rectangular and cast iron. Like most Garelli jugs, these came in two varieties -- the "Red Dot" fast cylinder and the "Yellow Dot" slow cylinder -- with matching intake manifold|intakes. The porting difference is small, though the intakes are very different. The "Yellow Dot" or "Square Guy" intake bends on a 45 degree angle, while the "Red Dot" or "Curvy Guy" intake curves up without any sharp bends. These dots can be found by looking at the top of the intake flange, looking down so as to see through the bore. They can also be found on the underside of the flange on the intake itself. They are not always present as they were only painted on and can wear off.

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

Good info. I haven't identified a dot but the I do know it is a curved intake.. which means I should be be hitting 30 without a problem. I most definitely am not.

You think I should mess with the air box?

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

Do you still have the stock airbox that pulls air from the rear? I've always liked those on garellis

looks kinda like this

i would tinker with that. add a layer of pantyhose, take out some shit. try another filter element idk. with those tiny carbs with tiny jets, small changes make a big difference. It takes a good bit of trial and error to dial it in but then you wont have to mess with it until you start changing other parts.

There's a very good chance the pipe is full of gunk and build up and is restricting the air flow through the already small holes. If you haven't done it yet, i would pull that apart and make sure it's not all gakked up

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

putting a super revy pipe on a stock cylinder is going to make it worse not better. consider hacking and welding something like a proma gp.

you should also do all the cheap and easy, albeit unsexy, speed enablers such as but not limited to: making sure your brakes aren't rubbing, cleaning carbon from your head, piston and ex port, putting in new rings, cleaning, regreasing and repacking the wheel bearings, setting your timing accurately, cleaning your carb, replacing or at least cleaning and regreasing your chain and of course making sure your tires are properly inflated.

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

Yeah basically came to say what andy already did. If you're not kitting or porting it nor planning on it later, just rig up a slip-on or hacked up simple pipe, should get you over 30, as long as all the other things have already been remedied. Garelli isn't a super forgiving ripper but they can be decently reliable with the kits too.

weakends used to make a pretty rad garelli pipe. the shitti polini senor dildopipe might be good on a stock setup. MLM peoples is probably worth it, I dunno. they make good easy stuff at a incredible price considering it's all handbuilt

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

on the cheap, u can do the clamp on jammy, you'll have to weld on a coupler nut so you can bolt it on the bracket. pull some screens outta filter drill a hole in plastic air filter and pull those plastic extention things out. upjet a couple sizes and maybe regear.

Re: Best Pipe for top end speed - Garelli SSXL

if you can weld, that is a good option for ya right there. will need a bracket

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