Re: FS1E build

well it’s a runner started second kick .. needs a little bigger pilot jet as it ticks over better with 1/4 choke on .. its 65cc now not 49cc so needs more fuel .. last time i had to run 165 main up from 150 main stock .

Just little crap to do now :)

Re: FS1E build


well i set the air screw at 3/4 and don’t need a bigger pilot jet .. all good .. got the turn signals and brake light and tail light all working good just need new head light bulb ..

to day run she hit 50 mph easy ..45 in 3rd and pick right up to 50mph and i throttled off it’s new bore .

let it fall back to 40 mph in 4th and just rolled it on and back to 50mph quick.

so it’s got low end power to pull back from 40 to 50 with out trashing it

if i hold it out in 4th should hit 60mph with the 14/37 gearing . If i put the 15 front sprocket on it seems to have the power to pull that . 70mph will be on the cards

42 mm stroke and 44 mm bore is way better than the stock 39.5x40 .. plus’s mild porting and long rotory in take timing


Re: FS1E build

goodies goodies.. ready to go thrash the ped

wtf cock mask


Re: FS1E build

Air/mix screw should only help with mid range.

The idle screw should adjust 0-1/8 throttle along with the pilot jet.

Re: FS1E build

well ,,, need a stock throttle grip and other rubber bits .

but it’s running good ..

Took the dam tick over screw stop out and will adjust the tick over with the cable adjuster.

it’s 3 mm wide 12 mm long and 5 mm on the end in the dam air flow ??

Must be 10% or more of the flow blocked.


Re: FS1E build

well it’s running good .. still braking in the motor .. bore is tight .. hit 60mph and shut it off back to 45 to 50 mph seems very smooth


Re: FS1E build

you guys don’t seem to know a good moped when you see one ..

like no comments ..

The FS1E is a mans ped .. not some poofdas bike seen in LA or San francisco .



Re: FS1E build

Dirty30 Dillon /

I'm so glad your small motorcycle can do 60mph.

Re: FS1E build

Emil Kniemel /

Its a nice bike for sure but wasnt really available in the US. Also no pedals.

Re: FS1E build

It's a great looking moped and i've been following since the beginning but i just don't have much to add.

Re: FS1E build


Just enjoying the fine work. Didn’t see a need to butt in with any comments. I can see why that might come across as being ignored.

Nothing but love.

Re: FS1E build

well thanks Guys .. feel like i’m talking to my small motorcycle all on my own some times ..

😎..and as for 60mph well to day we smashed 68mph ...with out nipping the pistons rings to the cylinder wall ..

I got me some AMSOIL 2 stroke.. ran it at 40 to 1 ... the 15 tooth front sprocket... is now on and she’s on fire ..

Then i spent the rest of the day making the wife happy 😃 .. yer like painting the out side of the house .. did 3 hours and ran got beer 🍺..

that got her out to the pool deck ..

gave me a bloody brake ..

happy wife ... happy life ...

Any way for them guys that like honda’s the moped kind .. his some food i recommend


Re: FS1E build


Re: FS1E build


Well this weekend I hit 64mph ,, she’s getting better..

And loving it

Re: FS1E build

What the hell is going on in this thread?

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