Honda Athena kit - to chamfer or not to chamfer?

The ports on my Athena kit look already chamfered:


I'm comparing it to the sharp edges on my doomed DR kit that I did not chamfer at all ...


You can see in the pic where a wrist pin clip caught-up and snagged the piston to a grinding halt.

One spot that looks a bit weird on the Athena though is about half-way across on the skirt (blue circle).


Don't know if edges down there matter but I was planning to buy a cheap dremel and a rounded diamond bit or grinding cone and chamfer those. Also heard it can be good to do a 2nd pass with fine sandpaper or even a felt wheel and buffing compound.

Do these aluminum (but Nikasil-lined) Athena cylinders also need port chamfering?

Re: Honda Athena kit - to chamfer or not to chamfer?

Chamfer ever sharp edge on every kit ever

Re: Honda Athena kit - to chamfer or not to chamfer?

Yes, prechamfered like that just makes it that much easier to buttery smooth every spot out for no chance of snags and efficient air flow.

Re: Honda Athena kit - to chamfer or not to chamfer?

Thanks guys, sorry for the late reply... I spent 3 hours on Saturday thinking about whether to buy a Dremel or not. Yea pretty amazing. Decided to buy a $4.99 set of cheap Chinese files instead, tiny ones: semi-round, triangle-tapered. The files worked OK, kept wondering whether I should've just bought the dam dremel and a nice sharp diamond point and wire-wheel. But anyway was careful to always file **away from the bore** to avoid chipping the Nikasil.

Followed the files up with a little 320 grit, then 000 steel-wool. Ate some fish tacos and drank horchata, ran into some old co-workers at the taqueria.

The ports feel pretty smooth far as the finger test goes (hehe) and look much better than the DR ports I gooned. Ended up polishing the exhaust port just a touch with the steel wool. Hopefully this will do the trick:


Thinking the hard part working with a cylinder this small is getting tools in there and actually seeing what the F you're doing. The mechanics and hobby-ists on youtube made it look easy, but most were working with larger 2 stroke cylinders.

Re: Honda Athena kit - to chamfer or not to chamfer?

Nice work and pics!

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