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thanks! yeah i got them for someone else who didn't end up wanting them. their loss is my gain i suppose :)


heres a fun way to mount the offset brake till i get around a welder

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That's an interesting way to do it. I had other ideas, but not that good. I ended up finding a way to use the steel brake plate instead of an offset.

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A pretty picture!


Lightened shoes even more. Reduced by a total of 63g. When I do this, I also even them out. Their weights vary a bit. I think the more balanced the better.


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Clutch shoes look good, all my bikes get a similar treatment. I chuck it in the lathe and turn the face back to the pads to give the movable cheek a little more room. Then drill a bunch of holes to lighten them.

I got my grande back together with the ported malossi 43. I don’t really notice much difference in power but this thing will climb any hill. I’ve took it up a few of the steepest in Pittsburgh. On today’s group ride I gave buddy(on a stock hobbit with a pipe) the hand of god a few times, we were accelerating up the hills and passing some people.


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Any idea what your shoes ended up weighing?

I don't have a lathe or the accompanying skills, but it would be cool to try to remove more material. Cheek movement is pretty cool. The hard part about that is there has to be an accompanying amount of movement available with the variator.

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That set ended up at 109 grams each. I’ve only used modded gy6 variators which most of my bikes have and I have a malossi variator on another bike. I haven’t put the money out for a polini, but I also don’t like how the solid cheek is a smaller dia than the ramp pulley.

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Hmmm... How hard is it to modify a gy6 variator to fit?

I've had this discussion several times with friends. My concern is the amount of travel the variator has VS the amount of travel the rear pulley has. If they don't match, there is wasted potential. As you mentioned, the inner cheek of the Polini is slightly smaller, but that doesn't matter because the lateral travel isn't enough to ride the belt out of the variator.

When trying for full variation, how much lateral travel does the GY6 have? And did your shoe modification allow your rear pulley to match the travel of the GY6?

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todd amundson /

I’m making a GY6 shaft now for Vespa. Made one for hobbit and it works great. Quick question. Where might I find good info on how to get a stock Vespa clutch apart for spring changes and stuff? I’m new to Vespa clutches. Was getting mad at one so I made this from old GY6 pads and stops.


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Nice I like that clutch shoe idea.

I’m using a malossi shaft with a malossi fixed plate. I’ve cut the face of the moveable cheek steeper on a few of them but I’m unsure if I did that to this one. You can see how high the belt rides. I think ideally you would want 95mm(3.75) dia cheeks in the clutch with a 11 degree angle to take full advantage of the variation. I need to make a set of cheeks to see if I can get a little more out of the bike. Or I could swap the variator stuff from my kinetic, but I should probably tune the kinetic to see if I can get full variation on that bike.

The last pic is of a uncut variator, I’ll cut the double d shape to fit the malossi shaft.


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I put my ciao back together, it’s been sitting in pieces since I borrowed parts to build my bravo chopper.


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Looks great Joe! I need to get some fresh pictures of something.

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I wanted to see how the grande would run with a different pipe so I stole the natty daddy (yz85) off the ciao to swap out the proma. Hopefully I’ll get some test runs tonight.


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Both pipes felt very similar here are a few hill climbing videos testing them out.

Yz85 pipe

Proma pipe (camera angle is kinda bad)


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This thread is continuing to be awesome. Love the Natty Daddy can exhaust.

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This is a copy of the simochini ( however it's spelled ) I had it on my grande for a while and always planned for it on this bravo but it hits the tail light and that light is way way too iconic to change out. I'm pretty certain that the "circuit" pipe on the bravo is part of the lack of top end power on this build. But because it's so eh on speed it's perfect for riding over to by buddy Jerry's garage about a mile or so away.

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I’ve wanted to try the simonini calibrata pipe, everyone says it’s the best Vespa pipe. I tried making one from dimensions I’ve found. My cones got weird where it bends up and it ended up more straight. It’s setup to fit on my kinetic currently.


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> EH FCC of the QCB Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> This thread is continuing to be awesome. Love the Natty Daddy can

> exhaust.

I found that can taking my daughter for a walk in the stroller, my wife asked what I was doing when I picked it up i told her I had plans for it. (edited)

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Nice posts Joe and Marc! I've been busy doing remodeling and haven't been able to play with Vespas. I have been playing with my 360 Go Pro. Once I figure out how to post some pics with that I'll get them up here.

Snowed here today so I may be stuck in the garage sooner than expected.

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Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

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