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> JBOT Admin Wrote:

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> Every setup is different.





Definitely. It'd be cool to see what other peoples experiences are with this clutch and different springs. Did they hate it or like it, blow it up, reach the moon....?

>Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) wrote:


>I much prefer a 2 shoe or even a 3 shoe. That reminds me, I still have my 6.3 >jammer that I barely used.....i guess it's for sale? Anybody want one? Very low >miles. Shoot me a PM I guess

Never heard much good about the 6.3 jammer or those press pin shoes. I heard a lot of people had issues with the pads delaminating. So far my 6.4 shoes have been holding up which is surprising because they put some beautiful blue and gold stripes on one of my clutch bells.


I have two 6.4 jammers in two different e50's. One is a ported treats reed kit and the other is a ported tccd 70 kit, mentioned above. I had pretty similiar results regarding the stock springs in both setups. The treats reed setup I have is more tuned towards low end. Performance was decent with the lightest stock springs. Although worth mentioning that the bell has a big blue stripe from wayyyyy to much slipping. Also after about 2 months had the same effect of the springs getting too springy when hot but that setup was better at powering through it (probably shoulda stopped "just running it" awhile ago and saved the bell, ha). That bike is being rebuilt currently but gonna try the yellow malossi springs in that one and report back.

Please add your experience with the 6.4 jammer clutch. Whether you hated or liked it. I know there's someone who blew one of these up with a gila e50, would be great to get some details on that.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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