puch athena AJH 50cc 38mm questions

Good day guys,

First, a quick intro:


I'm starting a new project my goal is to go as fast as possible on a 50cc. Just for fun on the street, not for land speed records or such. I'm not a beginner when it comes to two-stroke engines, but I have been out of the game for 20 years. So I'm hoping you can help me here.

Regarding the cylinder, my eye is being pulled to the puch athena AJH 50cc 38mm. Has anyone used this one? After a search on the forum, I only see experiences with the 45mm version.

In addition, I'm trying to find technical info on the Homoet 4p and 6p pipes to figure out which would be best for this high revving 50cc. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Re: puch athena AJH 50cc 38mm questions

Ajh is great, with a riser it can take 8 petal reeds. It isn’t bad out of the box and pretty much any pipe rips on this kit. I ran a simo, estoril, Cali and proma on it and was pretty much what you would expect from each. The Cali was the best all around pipe for me, but if you live in the flat lands I would say get a simo or 6p

Re: puch athena AJH 50cc 38mm questions

Thanks for your reply. Just to verify, you had the 50cc version?

Regarding the pipes, what would you say is the main difference between the 6p and the simo?

Re: puch athena AJH 50cc 38mm questions

are you going to port it ?

with the 50cc AJH you could add a third transfer as the cylinder skirt is super thick!

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