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I have never worked on a moped before. I'm thinking I would like to build a daily driver nothing crazy. If I could get 40mph It be good enough. I would prefer reliability over speed. I would like to have it look like this grey bike. If you could all help me choose the parts and help me make the right decisions I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Barack Obama /

Go buy a puch maxi with an e50

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Thats a good looking 40t! 40 mph is do able on a stock cylinder assuming you have the C cylinder but it will take some work the biggest thing is porting the cylinder theres a lot of info on it in the wiki. With all that being said since this is the first moped you're working on just try to get it running first check out freds guide also in the wiki and enjoy that for a while before diving in to it stock mobys are some of my favorite bikes

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Uh oh. Frenchy= bad first bike.

And reliability is gonna be tough, other than that. good bike!

First you need to find out what speed model you have. Get it running, then a rebuild with crank seals. brake pads tires and motor mounts. next get a 15/15 dellorto Sha carb and a range of jets, the stock gurtner carb is a pain and the dellorto is good enough to get you to your target speed or more. If it's a slower model youll need to source a variator and hack the swing restrictor and spring. As well as a new cylinder or porting it yourself.

After all that you can look into making it faster. Looks like that example bike has a 70cc kit and circuit exhaust.

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JOE - check with the goodly folks at Psyclomoteur Montreal for suggestions, helps, ideas and guidance from the local folks near you. Jesse, Jodie and the gang will be a most excellent resource for technical advice as well as finding parts, etc.

Ils sont sur Facebook :)

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40v actually.


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It's a great first bike, don't listen to the naysayers. Moby's have a few problem areas but once you take care of them (and you leave them relatively stock) they're actually pretty reliable and you can get good speed out of a stock modified engine.

Replace the original Gurtner carburetor with a SHA and convert the ignition to 12v CDI and you'll have as reliable a ped as any.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

I will go on record and say that modifying your daily rider to emulate that pictured bike is a bad idea, especially if it is your first bike.

Keep your first bike stock and running until you have the time/desire for a second bike so you can keep one. Especially seeing as it looks like your trying to ride this thing around every day.

I try to imbue to first bike shoppers that even a rebuilt bike with all new parts is still a 35+ year old machine that will have inherit faults that you will have to deal with regularly.

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Ok possibly I was a little vague. I would like to fix up the motor new carb, ignition, Vario and exhaust if necessary. Leave the paint orange new suspension , black rims possibly paint them new tires 17 x 2.5 ". Replace all the cables and add headlight s taillight and turn signal. Somebody mentioned that 40mph was possible if I had a c cylinder. How do I tell if I have a c cylinder?

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