Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50


Im looking for an Electronic ignition for my Newly restored Puch Maxi.

Current setup is:

Puch E50 engine

38mm Airsal TS 6 and top

Bing 15mm

28mm exhaust

15/45 sprockets/gearing

Standard Bosch ignition and flywheel

I will need to have 12 volt electrical system for lights. Ignition must be with good performance, reliable and easy to maintain.

Have been looking at HPI inner roter and MVT but have no clue which one is best and they are also quite expensive, and maybe they are overkill for my setup (Is the performance gain going to be worth the extra price) ? Or should I just go with a cheeper VEC electronic ignition and coil for 12 volt and std. Bosch flywheel ?

What experience do you guys have with electronic ignitions?

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

If you want is 12volt for lights you can just replace the secondary coils on the Puch stator for a 12volt coil https://www.treatland.tv/puch-12-volt-light-coil-2-0-improved-version-p/puch-light-coil.htm

I did it on a maxi awhile back and it worked. You will also need a voltage regulator, those are cheap also.

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

Overpriced Parts /

I’ve always used stock ignition for 2 decades on puch bikes (The six wire ignition is the best ignition of any Moped ever (because it doesn’t have any resistors or regulators) with stock or kitted bikes I never seized even at 96km when timed on the lower end of the spectrum round 14° before top dead center,

Pretty much all other stock Moped ignitions suck Compared to puch 6 wire Stator, considering there’s no regulator or resistors this bike still rips today 12 Seasons later after built, it’s almost like at 90cc Enduro bike,

I rode it and other puch bikes yesterday and a smile went on my face!

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

Thx for fast reply, yes I would like 12 volt but most important also a optimal ignition performance wise and at same time avoid the required maintenance which is normal for the old Standard system.

So far what I have heard - it is much easier to get optimal ignition with an electronic system?

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

> Bob Maxi Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> So far what I have heard - it is much easier to get optimal ignition

> with an electronic system?

That's because they don't know crap about points and don't care to learn.

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

Everyone likes the “slap and go of CDIs”. Points are fine if they are in good condition and have been taken care of.

I don’t like the treats CDI. But I am pickey though. They are easy to set. Because if you put in in the right position it is “almost” fool proof. Full advance is like 1.8mm BTC. Retard the stator plate a bit and your around the 1.5mmBTDC range and so on. I mainly don’t like them because the trigger coil burns out quick. Last one I set I guessed it was at about 1.5mm BTDC at 1/4 till full advance in the slots. Checked it with the light and it was at 1.4mmBTDC. They are easy to set but the quality is not there.

Only messed with one MVT. I was not impressed. I think it had a bad box. Timing would jump all over the place. Thought it was the coil.....nope same ring with every coil I tried. Can’t speak on it too much because it was just one time.

HPI is about all I use if I don’t use stock points. They have the best lighting power and a decently easy to set. Just make sure you have a timing light to make sure the timing marks are correct on it.

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

Cristian Luna /

hpi mini rotor ftw

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

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Yea do not fuck around with the puch treats cdi or any clone or look like, they are absolutely junk and will leave you stranded ( it happened to me twice already but I already replaced to coil again because I’m stubborn and I like the pie card auto retard cdi box :) but it not worth it.

Yes the hpi is awesome! Iv hade it for 3 years with no one issue and it sits in my bellow zero winter/blazing hot summer shed with no problems. buy the hpi if you can afford it or just use the stock points!

I don’t like those cheap black coils that sit inside the magneto , they get hot start to melt and ruin flywheels(edited)

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

I'd say go VEC when they are available. Puchshop sold them all within three days and it'll probably take a few months before they get a new shipment. If you know any other dealers that sell them, let me know ;)

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

the best puch ignition for reliability, easy to setup, etc. is the stock points. It takes about 20 minutes to read the (f'n) manual and learn how it works, how to set it, and you really only need to mess with it every year or 2-3,000 miles. I have bikes that have not had the flywheel cover off in 5, 6, 7 years, even my high mileage bikes i'll maybe check the points once every couple years if i'm in there for some other reason. Shoot i've bought bikes that haven't run in 30 years that have bright blue spark and fire right up.

In my opinion the ONLY reason to go to an electronic ignition is if you have performance mods (kit, big pipe) that mandate an auto-retarding ignition.

My favorite option these days is the trigger-less Tomos A55 ignition with the Parmakit box. You can also use an A35 ignition with a parmakit box but the stator coil is like 55W instead of the massive 80+ watts out of the 3-pole A55 coil. I'm working on using a triggered A55 stator but just hooking up to a parmakit box with the power coil, don't have the rest of the engine wrapped up yet but will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

I snagged 2 VEC ignitions earlier this month when they restocked. Once they arrive I'm gonna swap them into one of my ZA50s and maybe do a video comparison of timing and spark, etc

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

Treats cdi rule. For 70 bucks you can’t beat it. I’ve been rocking the same one on peitcard 2041 set up on a bike for 3 years. I also had one I put on a stock bike that shit the bed instantly.

Re: Which Electronic ignition for Puch E50

Points work fine, Some racing cars still use them.

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