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> Caleb Walker Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> CHILL out guys!!! Its not that big a deal.


> But no, not really interested in a motor swap. I am pretty sure Its got

> either an sha 15.15 or 14.12 i forget now. it came with a 14.9 which was

> crazy restrictive and SLOW.


> Now as far as kit goes, ben was right on. they actually still sell this

> kit but it comes modified to fit garrelli.




> Whats the difference between the bennelli and garrelli versions of this

> cylinder? based on the picture, I'd say they made new stud holes.

> besides that I cant see anything else obvious. What would it take to put

> this on the g2 bottom end? does the piston skirt need more space than

> stock?


> How much good would it do me to not buy a kit at all and just make sure

> my intake is large enough and use my welding skills to fit a puch techno

> circuit up to the stock cylinder setup? not bent on getting a kit, and

> dont really want to spend tons of money on it... I dont know, you tell

> me what I should do.


> also when all this corona stuff blows over, I will have access to a

> milling machine and lathe...

You're right it seems like they just made new stud holes. You need a different head though and that's what always stopped me. It's like 250-300 for the kit (if you can find it) and the head. Never tried it tho so can't say anything about spacing on it.

> Terry Dean Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

>i would put a pipe on it before even thinking about a kit. pipe, as big of a carb you >can, and some porting and you'll be ripping

Listen to Terry he speaks the truth. Check his builds, he knows his stuff.

Get a pipe, proma circuit seems better than techno circuit as far as performance is concerned. Depends what you want in the end though. Circuit pipe is gonna be nice for city blasting.

Get a bigger carb, at least a 15.15, 16.16. I wouldn't go past a 19 with that stock kit.

Once you get a solid set up tuning a pipe and carb on that kit. Read as much as you can about porting and then read some more. If I was in your shoes I'd try to get my hands on another stock cylinder if possible. That way if you mess up your porting as you get ballsier with it, you have a back-up.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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