Up-jetting a clean 1979 Vespa Ciao

Please tell me about the time you upgraded the jet on your Vespa Ciao. I'm having trouble figuring this out. I read the wiki, but I'm a beginner. It didn't help much.

my moped was stock until the previous owner put on a Dellorto 13.13 and a Malossi high flow air filter. He also put in a new spark plug. It's about a year old and has less than 100 miles on it. I don't know if he enlarged the intake. I will need to measure.

I just installed a Giannelli Fire Circuit Pipe.

Sucker is still slow. Tops out at 20-23. No improvement since upgrading the pipe.

The jet is size 55. I don't know if it is original or if it was an upgrade from the original.

I'm going to try up-jetting. Should I get a full range of Dellorto 56-65? I don't know how this works. On treatland it says I can order 50s range odd, or 50s range even, and so on. Should I buy a bunch in 50s and 60s?

If up-jetting doesn't get me to 35mph, then I will try the next thing, whatever that is.


Re: Up-jetting a clean 1979 Vespa Ciao

Start with a 62 and go from there. You are probably very lean

Run a toothed belt and make sure it is tight

Re: Up-jetting a clean 1979 Vespa Ciao

What Alex said. Also, it never hurts for a mopeder to have some extra jets. Order a range and be ready for when your bud needs one.

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