Re: Friend wants to install Polini

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Don’t forget the temp gauge!

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

TrailTech temp gauge is what he's running

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

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Case matching gives you torque, not speed

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

Well I must say that I'm offically jealous of my buddy's Puch. I installed the polini on his e50 for him since he was acting like such a pussy about doing it himself. Holy fuck man that bike RIPS hard above 25mph or so! It pulls like a dirt bike the pull is downright insane! I threw an 88 jet in his 15mm bing carb and his carb needle on the richest clip position (lowest). Tested for air leaks and found none. Did a leak down test for him and it was good. His 0 to 25 acceleration is decent but as soon as that bike hits 25 ooooh man that thing was up to 40 in only a few seconds so I immediately let off. I told him NOT to get on the pipe (anything over 35mph is strictly a no-no) for the first 300 miles. Just ride it normal but stay off that Cali pipe he's got on there. He is running a temp gauge for it I told him keep it below 380f so let's see how long this kit lasts him. He's a lucky dude considering that now I want a polini for mine I mean his bike is now stupid fast (edited)

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

> Kevin Bishop Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> At least champfer the cases is what I say but what do I know. It will

> still run just not as well. The newer polini is not what it used to be

> anyway from what I hear. I have done plenty of builds and Garelli was

> the only one that didn’t need case matching the transfers are huge

> stock. Those bikes are so underrated!

You are not lying. 2 polini team kits on my garelli noi bikes and neither are case matched. Why do I love the piston port kit better than the reed kit?

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

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A) this thread is specifically referencing the Puch Polini,

B) Garelli never made a Piston Port TEAM motor to my knowledge. The Garelli TEAM was all reed valve/fan cooled

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

i am not doing the bing with the big pipe anymore, its too bitchy about midrange. i don't like how they run at part throttle, you'll notice that if the pipe is kicking, like 6-7k and you are trying to keep it part throttle, the temps will start to climb or it will four stroke intermittantly and load up. its just not worth the few bucks you save over buying the phbg. i've wasted way more time-dollars fucking with bings on these setups than just buying the damn right carb.

once you put a phbg on there, 2 or 4 petal, you'll be like 'oh yeah, now i know where the bing was blowing it'

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

Yeah I came to the same conclusion. I love a bing for a small pipe small kit build just because it's easier to keep the side covers and keep that stock look, but big expansion chambers and aggressive ports really need a multi-circuit carb to stay cool at all throttle positions

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

Kevin Bishop /

15 Bing and boss pipe or homoet if you can find one are a good match. I don’t think the bullet is all that bad if you change out the header or shorten it 2”. I just stuck with a simonini 19 phbg and no turning back.

Re: Friend wants to install Polini

Yeah I've noticed that part-throttle issue around 6-7k rpm. The four stroking only occurs at this time under less than 1/4 throttle. I've been getting around it by completely letting off the throttle when I reach 35 mph (on 35 mph roads which is when I'm in that 6-7k RPM range), coasting down gradually to around 32-33 then going back to 1/4 throttle to get back up to 35 and repeating this process to avoid the "four-stroking." On faster roads I just go 1/4 to 1/2 throttle and blast well above 40 (I'm still breaking the polini kit in. After I installed one on my friend's bike I just HAD to get one and I must say I fucking love it). I can see why this kit costs so much money on treats. I went with the same setup as my friend's bike, Cali pipe and 15 bing, 88 jet. Anyway I will look into the 19mm PHBG carb solution. I do notice as I'm running a temp gauge that the temps do go up a bit during the four stroking during steady cruising but cool right back down as soon as I let off or get back on the throttle. So yes I'm going to look into buying a PHBG in the near future. In the meantime I'll be watching my temps closely. Thank you guys for the helpful advice

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