Treats cdi party pack for za50

I know the cdi box/coil thing that comes with these are not good. Has anyone replaced these boxes with a pietcard? I currently have a 2013 cdi box and ignition coil. Will this run on the treats cdi setup? Or would I need to then replace the coil on the stator with one of the pietcard coils and thus eliminate the pickup on the cdi stator plate?

I am only looking at this option because I have the pietcard pieces already. I know there are some other cdi box options for this setup.

Thanks for dropping some knowledge.

Re: Treats cdi party pack for za50

Here ya go.. 2013 and 2041 has the same wire colors. (edited)


Re: Treats cdi party pack for za50

Thanks. I ended up going with some points. That internal coil deal that treats does. Just gonna keep it simple.

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