70 kit hobbit fuel mix recommendations

Hi people,

I have a kitted hobbit with a vm20 mikuni carb and proma pipe (not sure if that one makes a difference here). I'm at 7000 feet (goatheads on santa fe whoop whoop).

The other day I was out riding in 90F heat with my jet at 120 and needle second from the top notch and I soft seized so I riched my needle one notch and upjetted to 125. The rest of my ride was a little rich but no more issues. I feel like I had it pretty much perfect before upjetting but I obviously I was too lean. My fuel mix is 50:1 like most people but I'm wondering if with my beefier kit I need to add more oil to the fuel for slightly more lubrication, say 40:1 or even 32:1. Would that make a difference or do I need to jet a little more nuanced? My jets are only in increments of 5.

Anyway any advice is much appreciated, thanks.


Re: 70 kit hobbit fuel mix recommendations

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I always run 32:1 on my kitted bikes just for the ease of mind. Also on some stock-ish bikes. Ive only ever soft siezed once, and that was running 50;1, and from there ive always just gone 32:1. Also, buy one of the polini ranges near your current set up, that way you can get it just right and have room to adjust with altitude.

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