15mm Bing Clone issues

I recently swapped my 14mm bing for a 15mm clone from treats with the #1 Grandpa intake because my 14mm bing had almost every screw stripped on it at this point. The 15mm seems to have way less power in all areas compared to the 14mm. I was running a 76 jet with a 2.22 atomizer with the 14mm and now I have a 78 jet with the provided 2.17 atomizer. Just barely four strokes on the high end with the 78 which seems good. The slide is the second from the top I believe. I was hitting 37-38 with the 14mm but now I seem to be struggling to get to 35 on flats with the 15mm. It seems like it just hits a wall. I sprayed down for airleaks and fixed them. I put an o-ring in between the carb and intake to fix the main airleak. Has anyone else had worse performance with the 15mm? I'm seriously considering going back to the old 14mm.


70cc Treats Kit

70cc low compression head

Metal Mesh Air filter

16x45 gears

Timing 16 degrees BTDC last I checked when I rebuilt the motor years ago.

Techno CIrcuit pipe

Re: 15mm Bing Clone issues

Overpriced Parts /

I prefer the 14 mm over the 15 mm in most instances with a piston port kit and mild pipe For has easier starting and better carburetion throughout the range,

The 15 mm bing never came on any stock bikes it may have something to do with it maybe or maybe not but I’d go back to a 14 mm Bing if it worked good for you,

Don’t get me wrong I did successful builds with original 15 mm bing carburetors but the low end and starting wasn’t as good Is the 14 mm Bing.

15mm bing with a Polini or other reed kit is phenomenal/blows away is a 14 mm but not quite as phenomenal with a piston port induction kit Unless you have a higher RPMs set up and or HPI ignition

Re: 15mm Bing Clone issues

up shits creek /

bing clones can be really hard to tune. you might wanna try using the 14 internals in the 15 clone. i used to have one and opted to drill my 14 to 15.5 and hitting 40+ ez and i'm 225lbs

14mm drilled to 15, (intake also drilled), 217 atomizer, 2nd clip up, 78 jet. stock head, estoril pipe, case matched,70cc kit ~17btc(checked with timing light)

if you want more speed i would regear too. 17x40 is what i run.

Re: 15mm Bing Clone issues

Wesley Ambrosini /

Clone body with new genuine internals is the business. I bought a clone from treats that needed the channel on the bottom of the slide to be chamfered. Ran great after that

Re: 15mm Bing Clone issues

yeah, if the problem is the screws being stripped just swap over all the parts to the 15 body.

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