Gila base gaskets

I came across some base gaskets that Treatland sells.

They come in different thicknesses, and you can stack a combination of them to "create a perfecto squish".

My question is, how do you determine what thickness gasket you need?

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Wesley Ambrosini /

When the piston clears the exhaust port at bdc

Re: Gila base gaskets

Look up how to do it. Lots of info out there put a piece of soddder in the it will squish then measure the squished part. Done ✅ that is how you get your squash right.

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If anyone knows of any good tutorials or videos, plz post links... I'm not finding much.

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Did you watch here? First Link was this

Re: Gila base gaskets

Here's a couple videos I found helpful:

Anyone know what the acceptable range of the squish should be? I read between .6-.8mm.

Re: Gila base gaskets

please correct if i'm wrong, but wouldnt you want to clear the exhaust port with the edge of the piston before worrying about/measuring squish?

Squish should be altered with the head/head gasket, not the base gasket, right?

Also, the base gasket will shrink when compressed..not a lot, but enough to double check your clearances after heating/torquing.

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Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

You want your exhaust and transfers to open fully. Use that spacer to adjust. Adjust your squish from the top.

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