Motomarina Sebring Morini M1 Engine modding

Hey guys I have a Sebring bike that I picked up off my friend . He said he did some upgrades to it, but I am not sure how much he actually did. Overall it does pretty good and I believe I can get it to maybe 30-35 mph on a downhill, but I don't have any idea because the speedometer/odometer doesn't work. I have been doing a lot of research using these forums and going all over online info for the morini M1 engine and how to increase performance. So as far as I know The bike has stock everything. So the (1) first thing I did was ordered the Mikuni vm18 carburetor, a UNI air filter, and a new intake that is compatible with the vm18. I would like to know if this is a good decision in putting on the bike for better performance.

(2). I had a bad experience with a crappy Chinese gy6 engine in the past while doing a big bore kit and never got it to run and i am skeptical of taking the next step of kitting the moped especially since i've seen a lot of people saying that porting will need to be done to make sure that the parts fit. my second question is which kit could I get for the best performance that will take the least modding, and can anyone help me with said modding if it is complicated.

(3) Which tuned pipe should I get for the sebring (morini) that is under $200, and why should I get that specific pipe.

(4) If the bike still has the old speedometer and it does not work what do I need to do to get it to work.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Re: Motomarina Sebring Morini M1 Engine modding

Being realistic , figure out how to fix the speedometer before trying to reinvent the motor .

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Your not gonna get much more out of the mikuni on a stock cylinder and exhaust.

What range of jets did you get for the carb? Remember that carbs don't come pre-tuned for your bike, every bikes different.

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this is the carb I bought. it says it comes with a 70 main jet and a 30 idle jet. Should I buy new jets for it? or is that not necessary?

Also, I figured out the speedo cable, was way easier than I had thought it would be lol.

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Just that carb is gonna be overkill with a stock top end .... even an insane chamber isn’t going to hit the powerband like you’ll want with the stock top end....

Honestly I’m fairly certain that the M1 is the only morini moped engine that kits are easier to find and if I had one and I wanted to make it go fast I’d probably grab a couple kits just saying

For a pipe I’d try the Mk3 that Dos cycles has after a minute that will probably no longer be available either .... and that’s Morini life...


Re: Motomarina Sebring Morini M1 Engine modding

noah adelstein /

Get a 15.15 sha and intake a crank pipe and a gila kit if your post 85 and rip mid 40s without case matching

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I found this link for Gila kits. I just want to make sure that I don't buy a kit where I will have to bore my engine case out or anything like that because I don't believe I have the tools or experience to try to figure that out. My scooter is an 87 so hopefully this should work.

this may seem like a dumb question because I am still learning this stuff, but do you have to get a new cylinder head when you get a cylinder kit like the Gila? because I see kits everywhere, but I've only seen cylinder heads for 50cc engines. Does the cylinder kit not affect the head ? thanks again and sorry if these are dumb questions.

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Here's the same kit for less $ .

1977 has not had a good reputation .

Re: Motomarina Sebring Morini M1 Engine modding

You can run the stock head with the kitted cyl

DOS CYCLES also has a high comp head which I’ve got a few and they work but you run a bit hotter

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ya, I've been looking on these moped websites with the kits, and the slightly larger 43mm heads/performance heads are sold out. But also if I don't have to waste another $70 bucks on a cylinder head I'd rather not. Just to be clear though, the head will fit on the kitted cylinder without having to change the head? Also If I am doing a cylinder kit should I go ahead and get a new reed valve assembly as well for the engine or will performance not really be affected by that?

thanks for all your help guys.

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also if anyone has any advice on what type of jet kit I should get with this 65cc gila kit to put into the Mikuni vm18 that would be awesome. Thanks

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Carbs DO NOT come set up for your bike. If you don't tune the carb, you will seize your new kit. It's a two stroke, oil and gas are mixed. Too lean=too little oil=kaboom

The mikuni will work fine on a kit, it's just overkill with a stock cyl and pipe.

Re: Motomarina Sebring Morini M1 Engine modding

> Aaron Blair Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Too lean=too little oil=kaboom


More like screech , cluck . And , the walk of shame .

Anyway , the idea is the same . No more ridey , ridey . ;)

Re: Motomarina Sebring Morini M1 Engine modding

noah adelstein /

Ya gila and a good pipe not the ones they sell on treats and your ready to go. All you need to do is just slide it on and tune your carb. Use the stock head also. If you need any help send me a PM and I got you

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