Could have gotten a free Tomos but...

I got snaked on a moped deal today. Guy from my neighborhood was willing to give me a free Tomos Targa LX. All it needed was a carb cleaning so he claimed. Anyway he wanted it out of his garage but at the last minute he decided "naw I should be asking $500 for this." I think he was drunk or something nonetheless I left empty handed and disappointed. Anyone else on here get screwed on a moped deal like this where the seller suddenly decides to pull a 180 on ya?

Re: Could have gotten a free Tomos but...

Tweaker trash /

Give me his number! I call him and tell him this is The moped lord him self and demanded He gives you that moped for free!

He probably wanted to see if you were interested! A jerk move to be honest. When he drives by don’t wave (edited)

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