Best upgrade for honda express II?

Hunter Long /

Picked up a 1979 honda express and fixed it up, runs great now but i want a little more speed and torque down low. Id love to get a 70cc bore kit, people pipe and mikuni carb but its just to expensive for all 3 right now. Which of the 3 would be the best upgrade to get first where id also see some results?

Re: Best upgrade for honda express II?

Express NC50 /

70cc kit w/aftermarket large cooling fins cylinder head. De carbon your stock muffler (very important do this first) and run with the stock oil injection working. Bone stock my NC50 1979 would run 32-33 mph. Break in new kit by heat cycling many times and ride gently 1/2 throttle or less and under 25mph for 100 miles. Get a cylinder head temp gauge and keep your temp below 370 degrees. SLOW down if temps get high. Avoid the temptation to open it up before 100 miles. Also up grade your tires to speed rated tires for over 30mph. My kitted 70cc NC50 will exceed 50 mph on the flats with no wind. I'm running the OEM stock carb w/stock jetting and stock decarboned exhaust, also using the factory oil injection. I now have 1600 miles on the kit and still running strong and fast. The bike has just passed 7000 total miles.

Re: Best upgrade for honda express II?

Jack Rutherford /

My experience is the stock carb and stock exhaust are very limiting. For that matter so is the stock cylinder. Pick your poison. I vote for mlm people’s pipe. Increase your main jet size with new exhaust. (edited)

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