A35 rebuild question!!

Gonna try rebuilding my a35 trans with New oem crankshaft and barrings and seals and just need help from anyone that can tell me the exact innards I'll need for it? Barrings and seals ETC. ??? THANKS

Re: A35 rebuild question!!

This info is not in the wiki?

Re: A35 rebuild question!!

I don't remember seeing it

Re: A35 rebuild question!!

Re: A35 rebuild question!!

Braap Master Mope /

get two of these and this . you can now replace the crankshaft bearings & seals, crankshaft (assuming you already have it), as well as the pedal shaft & main shaft seals.

then watch

this and have at it.

Re: A35 rebuild question!!

Yes I've found this on you tube watched it a few times. I appreciate your Help. Appreciate you sending the video. There are some cool people on here. Not alot but there's some. Thanks. Soon as I straighten out some financial situation I'm looking forward kinda to rebuild because it's pretty much a new transmission after. Because I just put whole new gear cluster and locking cage in last year.

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