Which Hobbit Vm20 Jets To Buy

New to Hobbits and the Mikuni carbs (I’ve only had experience with SHA). I’ve added a double reed setup, intake, VM20 and a circuit pipe to a pa50 (i).

I want to buy a few ranges of jets for the VM20 in anticipation of tuning. What ranges do you suggest for the current 50cc setup, and with anticipation of going to a larger bore in the future?

The parts are being fitted to the bike so Indont have access to it to chop atm, but I want to order the jets now to be able to hone it in. Plus I’ve got a $100 treats cart and I want that free shipping, haha.


Re: Which Hobbit Vm20 Jets To Buy

I have not owned any hobbits but from what I do understand is that the pa50i is the far more restricted version of the bike. There are a few things that need to be done in order for it to be like the pa50ii. A 20mm carburetor is a bit overkill and may not even work at all unless you get some additional performance pieces like pipe and better cylinder.

Re: Which Hobbit Vm20 Jets To Buy

Dirty30 Dillon /

If you haven't changed out the variator ramp, the actual intake, and ported that cylinder or replaced, there is a 98% chance it will never run right with the VM20.

The pa50i is so restricted, I don't think you'll find a jet small enough. I highly suggest the sha setup which will be more than enough even if you kit later on.

Re: Which Hobbit Vm20 Jets To Buy

Wait what intake are you planning to use? The cylinder is the worst part of the pa50i, I don't see how you're going to use a vm20 with it. It'd be like putting high end carbon fiber racing wheels meant for a Bugatti or something on a Geo Metro.

Replace the cylinder before you touch the carb

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