New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Hello everyone!

I'm new to the moped army but have lurked for a little while before joining and really appreciate all the great information you all have and your passion for mopeds.


I'm very excited to learn as I go with my latest purchase, a Tomos Targa LX 1996 A35 kickstart.

She needs some TLC, but she runs which is a good start and gives a surprisingly smooth ride. Need to get some parts but had some general questions about what parts are best to get to improve the performance of the bike.

1. Instead of a stock airbox, I'm looking to get something smaller. Like the attached, would the longer air filter provide a better intake?

Dellorto SHA 14mm

2. The right button controls don't quite fit in the area- not sure if something is missing or it's not the right button.. the guy who had this previously was doing a bit of work and this seemed to be the sketchiest piece on there. It turns on the bike, however it won't turn it off. Something fun I found out at the end of the test ride.

3. Looks like that nest of wires by the headlight could be for blinkers..

For performance I'd like to get her to go a steady 45mph, though I believe this model only goes to 35mph top at the moment.

I also have a new paint job planned out, but, baby steps..

Been doing some research on my own, but thought it'd be a good opportunity to share and get some other opinions out there. Appreciate any thoughts you all care to share :)


Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Overpriced Parts /

That straight pipe Has to go, 2cycle engines need an expansion chamber so get a cheep tecno bullet or biturbo exhaust and all you need is a black cap and screen filter for your stock carburetor and around # 61 jet, both of those mods will get you to around 40Mph

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Oh my. This is one hobbled together bike. Plan on getting some items situated before you romp around too much. Tires need replacing. Inspect all of the cables, but I would just plan on replacing at least both brake cables.

Delete the oil reservoir and just premix your gas and put into your tank. Be sure to remove all of the straight gas in your tank first to avoid throwing your mix off. You can also remove the oil pump from the flywheel cover. They can fail, or make you complacent and forget to fill your oil reservoir. Either way will cause your engine to seize.

As mentioned that pipe is not right for a 2t engine. Lots of options for your bike, but the biturbo is always a good choice for tomos. A circuit pipe is fun too.

I am also concerned about your front forks as they kind of look a little tweaked in on of the pics.

Sweet looking bike. Tomos are so much fun! Be sure to ask questions as you run into any issues.

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Thanks for the input! I didn't even know what pipe he had put on but I've heard a bit about biturbos and that they work well. Thank you!

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Thanks everyone for the great information! This will definitely take a bit of work, but it'll be worth it. I was toying around with removing the oil injet system so thanks Jay for the confirmation. I think the inside of the tank needs some love too, may have a touch of rust on the very top of the tank's inside.. so will have to drain it and clean that out. I'll definitely look into some better exhaust pipe options.

Also, is there a type of model you had in mind for the, "black cap and screen filter for your stock carburetor and around # 61 jet.." I'll look around for some options, definitely appreciate the simplicity in this but want to be sure I'm looking up the right options :)

The tires were also on the list- they are actually cracked a bit, which is not good.. thank you for the tip about the forks!

I'll keep everyone posted, and be sure to ask any questions - guaranteed there'll be quite a bit of them. Thank you again for your time and insight!

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Tank rust could be the last line on your check list. Just get an inline fuel filter and it will keep anything major from getting in the engine. If it is just at the top it might only shake a little off on bumpy roads.



Check/Replace transmission fluid

Clean carb x3

Get the air filter for carb

Range of jets(60's)

New pipe


This will get you ripping safely.

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Jay thanks for the great feedback and advice! Off to research parts and get working :D

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Keeping the engine itself a stock engine is ideal. They're more reliable. I kept my tomos stock for 2 years which surprised alot of my people. But it's because I listened to folks on M.A. everyone is different but I know what eventually made me relent to More power is damn upgrades/hills. Some parts of Virginia are so hilly it's silly. Anyhow welcome to the world of mopeds.

Re: New to Mopeds- Just adopted a Tomos

Ideally you want to switch to premix I never trust the oil injection. Sometimes they put out too much oil sometimes not enough. Run 50:1 premix and do all the other things mentioned above

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