Peugeot 103 1979 variated 65cc build

Thought I would share my build with others.

I have a peugeot 103 sp 1979 variated. I wanted more torque to get me up hills ect especially as I am 227 lbs ish.

Top speed was about 35 before the changes and hills were slow, very slow.

Here is my adjustments to get me to 45mph and so much more torque. Hills are now a breeze.

3 balls in clutch 2 springs

Mbk cdi kit £80 pounds

Original gurtner carb, 2 10mm holes drilled in air box upjetted with a number 75 jet no cost for jet as used micro drill to widen an original jet.

Polini Reed £15

3rd port dremeled out

46mm ali express airsal t3 kit cylinder and matching head £75 pounds delivered, not sure if this is a genuine airsal but if not its extremely good quality, all fit together with no leaks and no flaws in the materials. Looked everywhere for an airsal kit with a matching 46mm head with decompressor.

Simonini serpintine chrome exhaust £125 pounds delivered

13 front sprocket 48 rear sprocket

40;1 synthetic oil prefix

Head temps run at about 330f

Hope this helps someone. Simon Leigh UK (edited)


Re: Peugeot 103 1979 variated 65cc build

You should look into your head a little bit and make sure its 46mm. I was looking at those kits for the head and one of the reviewers took his calipers to it.


Re: Peugeot 103 1979 variated 65cc build

Hi, yes the head was stamped 49cc under the decomp valve but its defo made to fit a 46cc cylinder when I overlayed the two sizes of gasket and compared the stock head to the new one I could see the difference and differing shapes. I used calipers to measure the cylinder and its defo 46mm,All I know is this kit rips out of the box and good value at £75 delivered, delivery was 15 days and you dont get gaskets but again these are available on ali express cheap or locally on ebay ect.


Re: Peugeot 103 1979 variated 65cc build

nice! the trick to air cooled 103's is using the TSM style head, I might have to look into getting one as Treats has been sold out of the 46mm version for...forever

Re: Peugeot 103 1979 variated 65cc build

It really does rip so something is right with this kit. Loads of power low, mid and wot, it may even be better with a delorto ect but for now the needle is nearly touching 50 so I am happy with everything how it is so far.

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