E50 65cc Airsal Setup Sluggish?

Have an e50 with a 65cc airsal, matching airsal head, plugged decomp hole, 15 bing, 15mm #1 grandpa intake, metal mesh filter, techno circuit pipe, 14x40 gears and the side covers on the bike.

78 main jet

Needle on 2nd from bottom (1 up from most lean)

Timing and point gap are set to stock specs

3 shoe with ESO springs 1.5 turns in from flush

What speeds should I be seeing with this? Low end is kind of sluggish and I'm topping out around 36mph on the flats? Should I swap out the clutch for a 2 shoe with blue springs for better takeoff?

Re: E50 65cc Airsal Setup Sluggish?

Overpriced Parts /

Is your magneto serviced and are you timed correctly?

Re: E50 65cc Airsal Setup Sluggish?

I set everything to stock specs. Not getting any hotter than 330 degrees. Also running a b6hs plug. Should I advance / retard my timing? Or is stock preferred with this setup? (edited)

Re: E50 65cc Airsal Setup Sluggish?

Wesley Ambrosini /

38 mph on that gearing is high 8000s rpm

That pipe falls flat around then. Maybe try a 16 up front?

Re: E50 65cc Airsal Setup Sluggish?

Worth a shot. I'll try that this weekend

Re: E50 65cc Airsal Setup Sluggish?

I hit mid 40s with 16/45 which is almost the same gear ratio.

If it's sluggish on low end, definitely change clutch springs to at least blue. You also may be a jet or two rich. Check your plug.

Also, your needle position as you've described is 2nd from most rich, not lean. If the needle is oriented as it sits in the carb, bottom is rich and top is lean. Think of it this way - you pull the throttle and less needle stays down if your clip is at the bottom, which richens your mix.

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