Non shitty express

Alright hear me out i swear I'm not trolling. Single speed express with an e50 jammer clutch swap. The taper matches the og shitty clutch that has no stall so only one thing to do.

Hobbit Metra 47

Doppler pipe

E50 Jammer clutch


Maxi forks

Extra cool

Thanks naz for the machining on the clutch bell!

Here's the bike


Here's the clutch bell, e50 bell with an express gear welded on the back of it


Some nice welding on the front


In the bike

On the road again

Waaaay better off the line. Who knew you could make an express kinda sick. need to play with oils to get some nice slip. Does like almost 50 while screaming some high rpms but was shitty off the line because it didn't rev.

That's all I got.

Re: Non shitty express

Oh yeah and since the clutch doesn't have the little kickstart grabby things on it, it's pull start only. Ok bye bye kickstart.

Re: Non shitty express

Theoretically, this means KTM clutch on an express is possible if you were to weld an express gear on the back of one of those clutch bells. Thatd be so sick actually. Also, treats only makes a single speed reinforced express crank but that's okay because the two speed clutch would probably blow under this power. Ditch the two speed, always go single speed.

Re: Non shitty express

Good job Jose!

Re: Non shitty express

I'm impressed, really cool!

Re: Non shitty express

And one more for good luck. Swapped to an hpi inner rotor and finally got the power off the line I was hoping for, plus a sweet curve to help revs up top as well. Listen to that clutch slip!!!!!

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