This one's gonna be a slow burner, I've been acquiring parts for it over last few years and I've still got a long way to go with fabrication and custom parts and getting the right things. I just got the cases back from a machinist buddy and am excited for the hurdles to come


Re: slo-burn

At least they seem fairly clean . ;)

Re: slo-burn

Trenched them to run a minarelli crank? Nice!

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todd amundson /

How does one seal that razor edge? My hobbit cases with Derbi crank leak all the way around.

Re: slo-burn

Case bond needs more purchase then that, unless you upgrade your fasteners... if you can.

The other solution is a thin copper gasket, and case bond... if things are well balanced. This is all tear down and inspect after every race shit. Somehow, race build and tune isn't suited to street riding type low to no wrenching after blasting...

Re: slo-burn

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Looking closely, it appears that the sealing surface around the crank has had jb weld added and milled flat for more surface area.

Should be fine with a high quality anaerobic sealant. Although, with all that work, it would have made more sense to have it tig welded

Re: slo-burn

Jb weld should work fine in this application. I would not recommend filling in that whole area with weld. I bet it would warp the cases, even if you went suuuuuper slow. Shannon had a set of cases that were trenched to run a start 3 crank and they were built up around the crank journal, it never ran right. (edited)

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